Do you need to plan for e-learning assessments?

“Assessments are measurable checkpoints”

E-learning course never gets completed without the assessments since they are the provisions used to access, measure, and track the learning outcomes. The necessity of assessment not only helps to find out the effectiveness of the e-learning course but assists the learners to stay motivated and keep them on track.

The real nightmare with e-learning assessments is, testing the irrelevant concepts that won’t align with the real objectives of an e-learning course. So, keep in mind the below 3 things before planning for any e-learning assessments

1. Initializing the objectives

Sit along with the team and stakeholders to discuss the organizational learning goal that helps finalize the learning objective of any course.

The learning objective helps to

Identify the must-have content for an e-learning course
Form the preferable instructional design strategy for each course
Decide on the tracking and measurable factors for an e-learning course

Once getting a clear image of the objective, it’s time to convert them into assessments

2. Assessments to match the objectives

Not every assessment suits every learning objective. For example;

For knowledge-based objectives, MCQs and true/false assessments can be used.
For performance-based objectives, scenario or simulation-based assessments can be used.
For engagement and motivation-based objectives, gamification can be used.

Similarly, each objective requires a specific or a mixed type of assessment and the selection process requires a consultation from a professional instructional designer.

3. Result analysis

Setting up the assessments followed by result analysis gives a clear picture of the learners’ knowledge attainment on a particular topic/module. Hence planning is required to set assessment scores.
For example,

An assessment that covers less important data, the passing score can be 50 – 60%
Much crucial and high-risk tasks, the passing score can be 90-100%
On failing to achieve the targeted score, they can be offered options to retry the same.

Finally, by analyzing the overall scores, the organization can find out the areas the learners are confident in and the concepts that they still need more practice to perform well.

As we have explored the importance of e-learning assessment planning, we hope these insights will help you develop effective assessments for your e-learning course.

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