A Guide to embracing immersive training methodologies to engage online learners

Building a meta-verse learning environment to engage online learners

Engaging learners through to the end of the course is one of the critical issues faced by every e-learning developer and service provider. Fully engaging the employees means, going beyond the one-way traditional learning methods and to offer interactive and immersive learning opportunities through the novel and hi-tech collaborative methods. In this article, we have come up with a few of the leading immersive training methodologies that could possibly engage your online learners in the best way possible.

Immersive training methodologies:

1. Virtual classroom

Incorporating a virtual classroom can overcome a lack of communication and a feeling of disconnection with its features including, video and screen sharing, quizzes, live polls, and breakout rooms.

2. Simulation-based learning

Simulations make sure the learners’ can practice in a risk-free environment with a realistic and immersive experience and harness the related practical insights that increase the learners confidence in a job or a subject.

3. Scenario-based learning

Utilizing scenario-based learning can depict real-life scenarios with the usage of simple animations and images that help attain decision-making skills improves knowledge retention and trigger behavioral change towards the job/subject.

Technologies to implement immersive training methodologies:

1. 360° videos

Usage of 360° videos promotes auditory and visual immersion that reduces distractions. As it comes with a wide range of accessibility options, it allows the students to customize and personalize their learning experience.

2. Virtual reality (VR)

VR has the ability to imagine something advanced and futuristic beyond our understanding.  VR creates a completely digital environment for the learners to interact and easily understand difficult academic/industrial concepts.

3. Augmented reality (AR)

Address the particular learning gap, inspire learners’ creativity and spark their imagination with AR. Further, AR helps learners understand abstract concepts and gain hands-on experience with the potentially hazardous environment in low-risk virtual settings.

4. Mixed reality(MR)

Implementing MR provides innovative possibilities. As MR blends AR and VR technologies, it creates an un-parallel learning environment that allows implementing on-the-job training faster with more precision and accuracy.

Best practices for implementing immersive training methodologies in your organization:

The enterprise-wide immersive training success highly depends on choosing the perfect technology, infrastructure, and software based on the content, people, and culture. Before starting with the immersive method, the organization should be confident that their learners can hone vital skills for their productivity while enabling the business to achieve KPIs in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner.

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