A 5-Step Guide for Implementing e-learning Translations You Shouldn’t Ignore

Looking for a way to connect and engage a globalized workforce? By translating and localizing the learning/training content with the language and culture they understand the best, an organization can seamlessly reach its audience across the countries .

In this article, we will curate a list of highly essential 5-step guide for Implementing eLearning Translations with your eLearning training content.

1. Begin with the localization strategy

a)  Understand the topic, domain, industry
b)  Finalize the language
c)  Choose the appropriate authoring tool

2. Involve linguistic experts 

a)  Keep the content message and tone intact
b)  Don’t disturb the region, religion, and other cultural references
c)  End-to-end translation from slides, notes, and assessments

3. Polished content makes the difference

a)  Translation followed by proofreading
b)  Send the file to the client and schedule a review meeting
c)  Integrate the suggestions

4. Multimedia localization

a)  Multimedia localization should also follow the cultural nuances of the target audience
b)  Images, on-screen texts, and graphics need to be localized
c)  Prefer language-relevant professional voice-over artists

5. Integrate the pieces to complete the look and feel

a)  Sync the translated content, localized audio, and graphics in the authoring tool
b)  Technical validation and compatibility testing of the eLearning platform
c)  Final run on functional accuracy to check audio and subtitles sync over the video content

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