Do Your eLearning Courses Follow Adult Learning Principles?

Online learning/training materials provide a great opportunity for transmitting any basic learning effort to successful organizational achievement. In the case of corporate, and other training institutions, the training content should not only covers the curriculum but also incorporate adult learning principles to achieve an effective learning experience for the adult corporate learners.

So, What are called Adult learning principles?

Generally, adult education principles are a specific set of theoretical and practical approaches for any learning/training materials. The 8 basic adult education principles include:

1.Self-directed and autonomous content
2. Engaging content
3. Goal-oriented content
4. Relevant content toward their vision
5. Practical with real-life scenario content
6. Problem-solving content
7. Rewards and motivations
8. Respectful content

And why learning/training eLearning materials should embrace Adult learning principles?

Adults’ learning styles differ a lot from children’s. As the adults have already acquired knowledge, the e-learning courses you are preparing for your employees should be prepared on the basis of the adult learning principles for meeting the target audience’s expectations and building a well-informed workforce.

Now, how to incorporate those Adult learning principles into your learning/training materials?

The L&D professional, along with the SME and instructional designer, has to keep the Adult learning principles and ways to incorporate them in mind while designing and publishing corporate e-learning courses for their employees to enhance employee performance and achieve the organizational learning goal.

The e-learning course should

1.Let the learners choose training based on their preferences
2.  Be organized, visually appealing, and interactive
3.  Possess options to opt for a personalized learning path suitable for unique learning needs
4.  Contain the relevant support documents and job-aids
5.  Offer real-world examples that connect to their job requirements
6.  Get them involved with learning strategies such as gamification, simulation, and quizzes
7.  Have task-based activities with a reward system that gets the learners involved
8.  Allow your learners to give their opinion and feedback about the e-learning course content

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