AR and VR Trends

With technology development, both AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) has made a great improvement and already making a significant impact in e-Learning. In this article, we will explore some of the AR and VR trends that are necessary for academics/corporate.

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So, What is AR and VR?

AR is an interactive experience where the real world objects are augmented by computer-generated images and videos. VR on the other hand is generating an experience created inside a simulated environment.

AR and VR trends in e-Learning:

  1. Critical skills training environment:AR and VR helps organizations having offices in multiple areas to conduct new technique and product training with reduced cost eliminating accommodation, travel, and other expenses.
  2.  Assist hazardous training sessions:AR and VR helps employees working in dangerous environment like chemical, oil, gas, and machinery industries to gain experience from safe virtual reality environment.
  3.  Facilitates better data visualization:The  tracking capabilities of VR learning content brings unparalleled access to user data and helps export the training data to the analytic tool or an LMS.
  4. Immersive learning experience:The AR and VR technology have several benefits like gamification and simulation that offers immersive virtual learning experience to the employees.
  5.  On the job training specialities:Utilizing AR trends like scanning QR codes and VR trends to inform the new recruits and resources on the office and product related details in a most interesting and engaging methods.

AR and VR is no more a luxury but a necessity. Making use of the cutting-edge technologies in e-Learning drastically improve the impact of the training efforts. Planning to develop a e-Learning programme with AR and VR technology, contact White House Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, the top e-Learning service provider in Chennai, to facilitate reshaping the training methodologies with extended functionality as per the diverse industry domains.

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