Key elements of effective storyboard in e-learning

The Storyboard can be referred as the blueprint, guide, and a map or a visual organizers developed by the instructional designers that facilitate sharing and communicating every course detail for the production process. A well-structured and clearly written storyboard can effectively enhance the quality of any e-learning course.

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There are certain key elements that need to be included for an effective storyboard. They are:

Slide number:

Although the slide number seems simple it holds a vital part throughout the production. Numbering the slide like project name followed by chapter and screen number can ease several edit and review cycles.

Slide name:

As self-explanatory, the term describes the slide as a closing screen or splash screen. Slide name should be consistent for a seamless development journey.


Navigation description describes where the user will be navigated after clicking a certain element(s) on the slide.

Audio scripts:

Instruction to music and sound effects can be described in this section.


The thumbnails for the actual image are placed with detailed description and objective that helps the designer deliver the expected final graphical product.


In the case of animations, provide a full description of the animation along with time settings that assist the animator with the production.

Developer notes:

The section can be used to instruct developers on all the required details that need to transform the storyboard into e-learning content.

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