Solutions to overcome the limitation of VILT

VILT sessions primarily include the training Content, Platform, Trainer, and Learners. Connecting the 4 components through a cutting-edge technology platform that can facilitate overcoming the listed bottlenecks can help us achieve an effective VILT session.

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Look for an LMS platform that offers:

1. Chat, raise hand, and feedback option to overcome the limitations of visual cues.
2. Social network integration and access to discussion forums for creating trust and rapport between the student, and the learner.
3. Break sessions and gamified elements to improve the learners’ engagement.
4. Polls, quizzes, puzzles, and reflective questions with group activities for tracking learners’ engagement.

Knowing the barriers along with their countermeasures has shed light on the ways to make your VILT session successful. Next, are you looking for a platform that could support your VILT session with all the above beneficial features?

Contact White House Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, the well-sought e-learning solution provider in Chennai, India. Our expert team can deliver the envisioned LMS platforms that assure you with an impactful VILT session.

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