How does technology-enabled learning facilitate harnessing the 70:20:10 model for L&D?

In this digital era, incorporating the available technological advancements allows the L&D department to harness the 70:20:10 learning model’s benefits effectively.

Experimental learning:

70% of learning comes from on-job challenges, practices, and assignments. On contrary, allowing employees without prior knowledge and safety precautions about the specific process can pose a severe life-threatening risk for the employee. Here the technology comes to the rescue in the form of :

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 Social learning:

A good teacher is a library. In the work environment, quick advice and sharp tech tips can solve days worth of research and overtime work hours. How come you can get the number of such feedback from refined peers? Incorporate LMS, the learning management platform which has features that have every social learning requirement like:

Formal learning:

The structural learning method can be complemented with technology to cover a wide workforce. Involving mobile learning, microlearning methods can facilitate establishing the targeted knowledge with our workforce that reinforces learning even among the desk-less workforce efficiently.

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