Top 8 tools for interactive learning in Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

A well-prepared training content and an exclusive virtual learning environment are essential for a successful VILT session. The real classroom can be achieved virtually anytime, anywhere in your VILT session with the latest technically advanced tools and features of a virtual learning platform.

Looking for a list of must-have tools and features with a virtual classroom platform? Then, in this article, we will consolidate the necessary tech-advanced tools and features of an virtual platform that could assists in holding an interactive online learning/training sessions.

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Top 8 tools for interactive learning in VILT:

Media sharing:
The feature allows seamless communication with real-time sharing of audio, video, and screen sharing proficiency. The video can also be shared with the system audio for improved engagement.

Recording & playback:
Record the VILT session and at the end of the session, process and publish the recorded media, including audio, chat, polls, captions, and more, for the further playback session.

Effortlessly broadcast the VILT session to several public platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and more to an unlimited number of participants.

Learning Dashboard:
Giving the well-structured course content in a tech-advanced virtual learning platform doesn’t guarantee the session’s success, but it can be tracked and measured with the learning dashboard. As it gives deep insights through the participant’s status, activities, and recorded poll responses.

Notifications can engage users and allows the moderators to receive valuable feedback on the session. For example, the user can be notified for raising hands, chat messages, joining/leaving sessions, guest waiting, and more.

Improved whiteboard functionalities:
The whiteboard has been upgraded with trending functionalities for improved interactivity, including a multi to single-user whiteboard sharing facility, increased no-of breakout rooms, shared notes, and annotation of slides options.

Live Closed Captions (CC) & subtitles:
CC option allows the viewers to view the transcribed captions in real-time. For improved listening comprehension, live subtitles can be enabled that transcript the voice to text for the viewers.

Breaking the language barrier with real-time translation effortlessly allows the user to interpret their course in their preferred language with live-translated captions and auto-translated chats.

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