The Changing Role of Corporate L&D: Creating Real Impact

The global workforce has been continually evolving due to digital advancement, the competitive business landscape, and persistent uncertainty. All of these demands have elevated the importance of the Learning and Development (L&D) team to meet the changing needs of organizations.

In this article, we will discuss the practices and steps that could help maximize the L&D efforts and experience an effective organizational impact.

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Learning strategies to create a real impact

Personalized learning

L&D should adopt a personalized learning approach to improve their training efficiency, course completion, and overall work performance.  Personalized learning can be done through:

  1.  Blended learning
  2.  Social learning opportunities
  3.  Collaborative learning

Accessible learning

L&D department should promote a culture of learning within their organization since learning is a constant process that can be done through:

  1.  Mobile learning
  2.  Virtual classrooms
  3.  Offline learning apps

Engaged learning

Managing training activities for a wide workforce is not an easy task for an L&D department. The targeted result can be achieved efficiently by incorporating the advanced techniques using:

  1.  Virtual Reality
  2.  Game-based learning
  3.  Micro-learning videos

Value-based learning

As the Millenials are highly motivated with new opportunities and upward mobility. Corporate L&D should analyze and research to create a value-based sustainable working environment for creating a real impact by:

  1.  Analysing skill-gaps
  2.  Visualizing competencies
  3.  Mapping desired resources

Evaluate learning

L&D that measures and evaluates their training efforts assures to improve, training ROI, and productivity with positive employee behavior. Integrating the training program with LMS facilitates L&D measuring the learning efforts effectively through:

  1.  Custom reports
  2.  In-depth learner analytics
  3.  Tracking training effectiveness

Concluding, the changing role of corporate L&D functions helps transform and align the individual learning methods and training programs with the organizational business goals. Still, having uncertainty on how corporate L&D can create a real impact on business output?

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